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interning in Spain for a month: what no-one will tell you

Most people will only share the good parts of their time abroad, but not me. Whilst living in Spain was wonderful, interning in Spain was a new kind of painful. As a communications student, I was lucky enough to land myself a “digital marketing” internship with a film production start up. I had such high […]

living in Spain for a month: what’s so good about it?

In January of 2020, before the whole world fell to pieces, I interned in Barcelona, Spain for a month. Living in Europe was every bit as magical as I imagined it would be, working in Europe… not so much (but i’ll save that story for another time!). It might sound like a pipe dream right […]

thank you, and goodnight

Every student will tell you that the worst part of university is the group work. But, in my time as a communications and media student, I have found that I dislike reflective tasks in near equal measure. They have always seemed so empty and pointless. A checkbox item, tacked onto the end of an assignment, […]