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thank you, and goodnight

Every student will tell you that the worst part of university is the group work. But, in my time as a communications and media student, I have found that I dislike reflective tasks in near equal measure. They have always seemed so empty and pointless. A checkbox item, tacked onto the end of an assignment, […]

how I learnt about myself from someone else

I interviewed Jasmyn Connell about the rollercoaster journey she took to find her early success. Along the way I learnt a thing or two about myself and the way I think about my own career story.

Credit: Ava Gomez and Janika Gaona, January 2020

my experience interning in Spain… (minus the ‘S’)

The problem story Last January, I transitioned from retail assistant in Wollongong to intern at a digital media start up in Spain, in the space of a few weeks. In this new role, I undertook digital marketing activities for the growing brand, We Love Martha. Conditions were not ideal; I was forced to work in […]