We Are the New Media

Wk6 Meme Final
59:25 “… anyone can just jump in there, fix it up and change it. If people want to change the background, they can… Anyone can pick it up and do whatever they want with it.” — Travis Wall

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The post-industrial digital-age has enabled citizen-journalists and media makers to be considered respectable, or at least view-worthy, authorities because they are unique in their production style. Audiences appreciate the unpackaged, unfiltered style of citizen media as it affords the proliferation of both a diversity of perspectives and of content unsuitable for legacy media. I felt inspired to create a media object that fits this description when some of my lecturers spoke about how anyone can do anything to media on the internet. I literally took the media where they said this and made it completely my own. I knew that this would get a response from the part of my audience that exists in my class.

The fact that I, a student from Wollongong who is part of this group of ‘people formerly known as the audience’ (aka everyone), can reach and be listened to by so many people, is why journalism is a profession in crisis. We have demystified the art of giving facts and creating content, lowering the pedestals of authority upon which journalists once sat, until they become level with us. They have become part of our distributed network, they are like us now.

One thought on “We Are the New Media

  1. Hi Christina,
    Loved your meme and your writing is very clear and concise. You brought up a really great point – that Journalism has become demystified as anyone now has the authority and power too create their own media. Overall, you successfully identified you understand the topic and that audiences nowadays want the truth. We want the unfiltered, unpackaged style of Journalism, as it has more meaning and initially the unedited truth.


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