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The Young Dreamer is getting an upgrade! New and exciting things are on the way in the realm of Nerd. You might notice some changes already. Watch this space for more.

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Fresh out of our (Maddie Johnston and I’s) prototyping phase we had one goal for Finders Keepers: find our audience and get them engaged. The question was… how? We knew we needed to reach more people who fit within our starter pack, and somehow stimulate them to like and importantly, comment, on our content. And … Continue reading Making


A refresher Lets just take a moment to throw it back to a wide-eyed and bushy-tailed, younger and less wise version of myself who had just finished her ideating process. The plan was: Establish a platform where we (Madeleine Johnston and myself) can share our experiences at the markets in the Wollongong and Sydney areas … Continue reading Prototyping


The concept I started this semester knowing that I wanted to continue with my digital artefact (DA) from BCM112. I was a content creator for the Makerspace Club Facebook Page, during which I founded the weekly Makerspace Mondays posts. I knew for sure that it was a solid idea with many opportunities for those all-important … Continue reading Ideating

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